ACSSW 2019
New Orleans, Louisiana


Grand CHALLENGES for Social Work

Allain - Developing a Coping Culture in the Home, Classroom, School

Allain - Use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic Fables with youth

Andujo - Trauma-Informed Sensory-Based Methods for Children, Adolescents and their Families Practices

Anthony - NASW School Social Work Standards

Anthony- Professional Standards for Educational Leaders

Anthony - Social Worker and Principal Services Plan

Astor - Keynote Panel – Grand Challenges for Social Work – The Role of School Social Workers

Astor - Using Monitoring Mapping Methods to Address Bullying and School Climate

Battle - Grief & At-Risk Behaviors--Through the Eyes of a Teen

Bhalai - CF-FSP 5417 School Stability Checklist

Bhalai - Final Interagncy Agreement - DCF-ILA-JMS legally suff

Bhalai - Foster Care Designee Handbook SY 18 _19

Bhalai - Foster Care School Program Model

Bhalai - New Childnet School Procedures

Boomgaard & Leroy - Creating a Path to Resilience--Trauma Informed Care Practices for All Students

Boss & Evans- TRAUMA--What Can We Do to Help Our Students

Butler- Promoting Smart Decarceration--Beginning with the School to Prison Pipeline

Butler - School 2 Prison Pipeline

Butts, Johnson, Kelly & Carlson - Future Directions--Grand Challenges Initiative SSW

Butts & Johnson -Implementing GC for SW--Engaging the Practice Community

Butts & Shaia - Grand Challenges for Social Work--Ensuring the Success of African American Students

Butts & Shaia - Reflections on Race and Equity Handout

Brayden - Navigating Ethically Within Different Systems--Code of Ethics and Standards Review

Brayden - Navigating Ethically Within Different Systems -- Part 2

Chauvin & Cooney - Mindfulness Plenary

Clark & Johnson - Integrating Financial Programming into School systems

Crutchfield - School Social Workers as Advocates for Social Justice-ACSSW Draft

Elswick - A School Social Worker in a Pediatrics Clinic

Foels & Bethel - Keynote Storytelling & Social Justice--Meeting Grand Challenges

Foels & Bethel - Stories that Bring Change--Compassion & Resistance to Meet the Challenges

Franco - A Journey Towards Reflective Pedagogy

Hawkins, Hofmann, Carter & James - Social Workers Have Street Cred Code of The West

Howell - Mitigating Secondary Trauma Experienced by School Professionals

Hydon, S - Secondary Traumatic Stress--Causality and Impact

Irish - Educational Intervention with Families Experiencing Homelessness

Kelly - Moving the Field Forward--Using Technology to Increase School Mental Health Practitioners' Skills in Using Data & EBP

Keynote Support Document - Social Progress--Powered by Science

LeSar & Knipp - Sexual Health as a Social Emotional Learning Intervention and the Role of School Social Workers

Latus - Beyond Intervention-Empowering Immigrant Students for Success--School Action Plan

Miller - Restorative Justice--A Starting Point for Elementary Schools

Murphy - ACE-ing It--From Toxic Stress to Academic Success

Palinkas - Grand Challenges for Social Work--The Essential Role of School Social Workers

Palinkas - Schools as a Platform for Creating Social Responses to a Changing Envrionment

Richard & O'Dell - Empowering Teachers to Promote Well-Being--How Wellness Affects Self-Efficacy

Swindle & Lahasky - Get Moving to Get Focused!

Villaverde, Wobbe-Veit & Vona - SHAPE Trauma Responsive School Implementation Assessment flyer

Villaverde, Wobbe-Veit & Vona - Supporting Trauma Informed Schools

Villaverde, Wobbe-Veit & Vona - Trauma Resonse School-Implementation Assessment

Webb & Priebe Sotelo - Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children--Social Media and Schools

Whelen & Provenza - Trauma-Informed Coaching As Part of a Trauma-Informed School

White, Madill & VanZoeren - Journey Through the School Year--A Guide for Navigating Service Delivery from September to June

Williams - Holistic Mental Health Care of Children and Adolescents

Wobbe-Veit, Doyle & Lee - Managing Trauma--Teaching Effective Self-regulation to Students Through Mindfulness

Wong, Hydon & Wobbe Veit - A Reconsideration of Safe School Policies & Practices After Tragic Mass Violence in Newtown CT & Parkland