ACSSW 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana

Creating & Sustaining Trauma Sensitive Schools

Arroyo, Chen Hsiao, Ruelas, Villaverde - Lawndale-USC Innovative Collaboration

Ayasse - Collaborative Development of Field Instruction

Brake - New Directions in Leadership--Early Lessons from Chicagos PLC Project

Chard - Beasts 2017 compressed

Chard - Personal Resilience Assessment

Chard Keynote - Compassion Fatigue ACSSW

Chelala - Got Bounce_ Promoting Resilience in Teens 2

Chelala - Theatre of the Oppressed

Dohlby - Addressing Our Needs--Mindfully Understanding Compassion Fatigue

Franco - Case Questions

Franco - Ice Breaker

Franco - Immigration Trauma and School Based Supports

Franklin, Rowles - Addressing the Needs of Military Affiliated Students

Franklin, Rowles - Military Connected Children's Resource Guide 11-2016

Franklin, Rowles - Resources for Service Dogs for Veterans 8-2016

Franklin, Rowles - Resources for Widows 6-2016

Franklin, Rowles - Web Guide--Military Connected Children 9-2016

Gambill - ACEs_infographic

Gambill - Toxic Stress-Final

Gianesin - Creating a Trauma Sensitive School Autosaved Autosaved

Horton - Trauma and Parental Incarceation

Johnson - Resilience Can Be Taught! 10 Tools to Motivate ANY Student

Lahasky - Case Study from Dibble

Lahasky - Core Values Assessment

Lahasky - Ethics Scenarios for Ethics CEU

Lahasky - Rank Your Ethical Principles

Lahasky - Shhh Dont tell! Ethics and Confidentiality Pt 1

Lahasky -Shhh Dont tell! ethics and confidentiality Pt 2

LeBlanc - Suicide Interventions_Safety Planning N Means Restriction

McMillin - Identifying and Responding to Bias Incidents_ Lunch presentation

McMillin - Resource List_Lunch presentation

McMillin - Speak Up Pocket Card_Lunch presentation

McMillin - The Importance of Courageous Leadership

Monteiro Keynote - Handout_Embracing Leadership in our Practice and Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools

Reagan - Beyond Grants 101

Reagan - How to Talk So Your Child Listens

Rhodes - Program Evaluation in Schools

Richard - Program Development and the School Social Worker notes

Richard - Setting the Stage for School Social Work Evaluation

Richard - Steps Handout-1

Salas, Garcia - Collaboration in Schools--the Good,the Bad and the Ugly

Schexnaildre - Cognitive Distortions Unhelpful Thinking Styles

Schexnaildre - Distorted Automatic Thoughts

Schexnaildre - Emotions

Schexnaildre - Exposure Record

Schexnaildre - Fear Hierarchy

Schexnaildre - Problem Solving

Schexnaildre - School-Based Cognitive Behavioral Interventions

Schexnaildre - Subjective Units of Distress Scale_SUDS

Schexnaildre - Thought Detective

Schexnaildre - Thought Record

Schonfeld - Supporting Grieving Students

Scolnick, Bennett, McMillin - Addressing Institutional Racism in Schools

Scolnick, Bennett, McMillin - Courageous Conversations Activity Cards

Smith, K - Student Threat Assessments

Smith, K - Threat Assessments in Schools

Wade, Hill - Children and Trauma_Providing Support Following a Traumatic Event

Walker - ACSSW CBITS Overview

Wilson, MacKay - Aligned and Integrated Model (AIM) for School Mental Health and Well-Being

Wilson, MacKay - Leading Mentally Healthy Schools

Wilson, MacKay - Pyramid

Wong, Villaverde, Hydon, Gurwitch - School Social Development in Times of Crisis